Sunday, April 11, 2010

Vintage Haul :)

So here I am, just sitting.
waiting for my first follower. :(
Decided that I would show you guys what i got on a little trip to the
local thrift store. :D
All this costed around 950NT, which is $30.
So first I got, (obviously not at the thrift store)
Glamour: April 2010
with Amanda Seyfield on the cover!
Still taking notes on the magazine. :)
Really adorable rocking horse necklace. :D

Beautiful kind of ancient looking necklace.
I set my eyes on this beauty about a month back but could never think of an outfit i'd wear this with.
This would look so beautiful with my vintage mint dress! :D

I'm probably most excited about this jean jacket.
It's a perfect fit, and I mean, PERFECT.
and it's zippered(?) instead of buttons so that's a-dorable!
b-e-autiful. like bruce almighty would say. :)
I can't stop obsessing over the pearls on the top as wellllllll.
great buy.

Last I got this baby dolll oversized tee with a bit of lace at the collar.
I thought this would go great with a simple belt, tights and maybe some cute boots. :D

that's all. (FOLLOW ME. just sayin')


  1. perfect items! necklaces are prefect!
    invite you to visit my blog

  2. @Tockica

    Thank you so much, this is the first comment I received on my blog. :)
    it means a lot. and yes the necklaces were an amazing find. :D
    going to your blog noooww!
    follow meee!

  3. @Vivianna hahah same hereee.
    it's such a good find! :)


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