Friday, April 9, 2010

First Post :)

Hello everyyyone! :D

I have decided to give blogging about fashion a shot.
It seems like a lot of fun and simply a lot easier than a fashion channel. :)
Alright, so, I hope you guys enjoy my blog and check back for constant updates! :D

Have a stunning day :D

Top 5 Current Obsessions:
1. Floral (hence my background)
-I cannot even stress how obsessed I am.
I go crazy everytime I see something floral. 'I HAVE TO HAVE THAT.'
My mom: That looks like it's made out of a curtain. :(
SO I'm loving all floral patterned things.
I got this GORGEOUS floral, vintage wallet last weekend and I've been drooling over it all week.

2. Vintage Accessories and dresses
-For some reason, I've been going crazy over vintage.
It's cheap, it's one of a kind and superb quality.
What more could a girl ask for?
Seriously, if you buy a dress or a necklace at H&M or F21
, someone else is bound to have it.
But if you get your dress at a thrift shop, no one else will ever have the same one.
That kind of amazes me.
Anyway, I bought these goodies in a thrift store for less than 3 dollars each.
Words cannot express how happy I am.

3. Re-fresh Mint by China Glaze
-So beautiful, I can't stop looking at it.
I still can't find where to buy it, but when I do, it can cost 70 bucks for all I care.
So refreshing for spring. :)

4. VS Blossoming Romance Body Mist :D
Smells amazing, like candy, just super sweet.
Not subtle, stays on all day.
I wear this every other day and get compliments constantly about it. :)
Definitely recommend for all teen girls to buy it.

5. Bagels
-Does more need to be said?

Currently Watching:
Blade of Glory.
I'm sorry, but I love this movie.
I'll never get sick of it.

Currently Eating:
Tuna & Tomatoes :)

Currently Drinking:
Coke Zero

Thanks for reading, and
have a greatttttt friday nighhhtt. :D

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