Friday, April 9, 2010

Things I got in the Capital :)

Hey guys!
Beautiful, absolutely stunning day here where I live :)
So I'm naturally in a good mood, just went for a photoshoot with my sister.
Photos will be up this afternoon, I'm actually extremely happy about them. :)
Anyway, I went up the capital last weekend and got some stuff.
These are the non-clothing and non-accessories part of the haul.
All my clothes are still in the laundry. You know, how when you buy clothes,
you have to wash it before you wear it.
Well yeah, but I will definitely show you guys the clothes and accessories soon!
So, here are the five (four? I forget.) products I managed to snag in the capital! Enjoy!

Deodorant I swear by. White Musk by Body Shop :)
480 NT, $15, very worth the price.
Lasts about half a year.
Daisy by Marc Jacobs. This isn't the normal one though.
It's the limited Spring Edition one, it comes with a bunch of stickers that you can design your own bottle with.
The smell is exactly the same as the normal Daisy.
Of spring. :)
The flowers on the bottle are green instead of white as well. :)
I don't mind!
Gifted by my lovely aunt :D
New Product, never tried before.
I've actually been hearing a lot of fuss about it.
It's Avene something something something.
It's supposed to spray a some type of healthy water or spring water onto your face, and it's just great for people with dry faces.
(Big arrow pointing at me.)
Mom bought this.
Biotherm's Eau d'Energie Perfume
Never actually heard of this brand, was also gifted by my very lovely aunt. :)
Smells EXACTLY like oranges.
So if you have a thing for oranges,
this is the way to go.
After you buy the Body Shop Body Butter in Oranges, of course. :)
That's the four things I got!
Follow me to see all the clothes I got in the capital
as well as my sister's photoshoot! :D

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