Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Trends I'm Loving :)

So, I decided to get right on it and share
what my favorite spring trends of the runways are. :)

1' Floral
Yeah, you guys know why. These are both from the Donna Karen Collection if I remember correctly, I saw these in stores and it was breath-taking.
I love it. I wish I could afford it. :\

2' Tie-Dye
It's nice to see something more relaxed and less formal.
More casual and beachy look on the runway.
It gives the rest of us something chic to wear while keeping the spring trends in mind.

3' Military Jackets
For some reason, these are really growing on me.
I can definitely see them as the next boyfriend blazer or denim jackets.

4' Nude Colors
Very very beautiful cream and neutral colors are center stage at multiple
runways this spring.
I mean, great right?
I think these are stunning designs with equally beautiful color selections.

Christian Siriano! Eeeeek! <3

Some other trends are:
5' Denim
6' Feathers [which is difficult to work into everyday outfits. Unless you wear a feather in your hair, that would work.]
7' Underwear as Outerwear [Extremely difficult for teen girls to work as causalities as well.]

That's basically the best spring trends.
Hope you enjoyed this,
and just as a sidenote, I'm so excited for Summer's trends! :)
My favorites are Summer and Winters :D

that's all.

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