Saturday, April 10, 2010

Outfit of the Day #1

Hi guys!
This is my first outfit of the day,
however it's on my sister.
Because my sister can't take photos well,
so I snapped the photos.
I dressed her completely and did her make-up.
Bobbi Brown Foundation
MAC Venus Eyeshadow
L'oreal Telescopic
Juice Beauty Lipbalm

Vintage Mint Dress :) -ADORE.
Layered Necklaces.
Tights from H&M
White tank top from Target
Bracelet from little boutique

It was such a beautiful morning.
But it was around 11 o'clock so it was super hot. :|
*For some reason, the photo quality is not good when they're viewed in the blog post.
So if you would, please click on the photos to make them bigger.

:) that's all.

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