Sunday, May 16, 2010

Biore Blackhead Strips.

Hey girlies! :D
So I've been hearing a lot of raving about these, and went to my nearest drugstore and grabbed them.
I grabbed a pack for my sister and one for me.
We got home and read the instructions thoroughly, which I highly suggest you do.
We wet our noses and placed them on.
You're supposed to leave them on for 15 minutes or so, but we basically forgot they were there.
After about half an hour, I could feel it get stiff so I pulled it off.
It doesn't hurt as much as you'd think, it's mostly like a bandaid being pulled off.
I can safely say, my nose is not red, the skin did not come off and most of my blackheads came off.
You could see the nasty little dirt on the strip.
Anyway, success product. :)
Like it.
that's all.


  1. oo I think I'm going to have to try and find these, I've heard nothing but good things!
    Great post :)

  2. :) yep!
    they dont work magic but they do work! :)


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